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Magdaleen is the co-founder and HR Director of TRIUM. She called on Balance HR to draw up an evidence-based HR plan, and Balance HR has been her helpline ever since.

​Magdaleen Pieters

HR Director of TRIUM Clinical Consulting

Magdaleen Pieters has been a Clinical Researcher since 2003. She is also a co-founder of TRIUM. In 2017 she retrained to serve as an HR Director at the clinical consulting agency. To do so, she got in touch with Balance HR.

Would I collaborate with Balance HR again? Without a moment’s hesitation. I’m always up to date with the latest insights and I don’t have to struggle through all the professional literature anymore.

Wanted: a decent policy

TRIUM’s HR policy started out as rather intuitive. “For me, personal relationships are essential. We have a team of 40 employees and 60 freelancers", Magdaleen says. “But I wanted to be sure: was our HR policy underpinned? With the help of Balance HR, we concluded that our approach was okay, but that it lacked spine.”

From plan to helpline

Magdaleen and Edward immediately found themselves on the same wavelength. “Afterwards, Edward proposed an excellent plan of action. His task was clear: confirm or adjust our HR policy. He drew up an evidence-based policy. That proved to be really helpful.”

Today, Edward is Magdaleen’s HR helpline. “He comes to me with new insights. A real comfort. I also attend Balance HR’s workshops. I head back to the office feeling empowered and inspired.”

A clear, accessible and hands-on HR policy

Balance HR did a round of consultation at TRIUM. They analyzed our HR policy, which grew organically. And they talked to employees to gain a clear and complete picture. “That approach, from practice to policy, was a complete success. The result? An accessible and active policy that supports and guides us every day. And it resonates very well with the team.”

Magdaleen feels that her HR policy is innovative. “I value the combination of scientifically based insights and a hands-on approach to obtain a clear, sustainable and humane policy,” Magdaleen concludes. “By working together with Balance HR, I feel my approach is properly backed up.”