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Connecting you to first-class HR interim managers

Looking for someone to maintain continuity during peak periods, to replace a key member of your HR team, or to complete projects?
Count on us for temporary guidance. We connect you to qualified HR interim managers who are up to speed from day one.

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We support you by assuming temporary HR roles in the following domains:

  • Organisational progress
    Evidence-based HR, work & job design, technology, change
  • People progress
    Management, hiring, development, performance, rewarding of people
  • Social PROGRESS
    Inclusion, wellbeing and belonging of people

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The Balancers who help you to find the right HR freelancer for your mission and who ensure follow-up, all carry out part-time projects in organizations themselves.

With that experience, they assess your and the freelancer’s needs even better, and give you substantiated advice.

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Your HR interim management in good hands

  • Gaps

    We ensure continuity, to cover the absence of a key team member or to bridge a gap while you anticipate the arrival of a new employee.

  • Peaks

    We support you during peak periods, to relieve you of workload or critical challenges and to create balance in your team.

  • Projects

    We connect you with HR project managers, who work alongside you, to fulfil transformations, with a focus on the human side.

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