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HR Development

Growing your HR capabilities

Developing your evidence-based HR skills, with special attention to behavioural change, ensures that your actions are underpinned and match the needs of your organization.

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We guide you on two levels:

  • technical
    Improving your practical skills in evidence-based HR
  • behavioural
    Advancing your personal abilities to be more effective in HR

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We’ve got your hr progress covered

  • Open workshops

    General sessions, open to professionals from multiple companies.

  • Custom workshops

    Sessions for your organisation only, aligned to the goals of your company and team.

  • Personal mentoring

    Individual sessions, tailored to fit your needs.


Learn how to apply evidence-based HR and how to effectively make people-related decisions. We offer interactive programs from starter to advanced level, both offline and online. Afterwards, feel free to discuss the topics with the other participants through our online forum.

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We adjust our workshop to the context of your organisation and team, focusing on practical application. These sessions can take place both online and offline. Afterwards, if desired, we provide you with further guidance in rolling out evidence-based HR practices.

Possible themes for your evidence-based custom workshop:

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Personal mentoring: strengthen your abilities

Which route should HR take in your organization? Which capabilities do you need to do so? These are just some that our mentors provide guidance for.

In a relationship of trust, we lead you through an individual process of growth. This consists of an intake, an agreed number of sessions and a closure.

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