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With our collaborative network, we staff and advise HR leaders in their critical assignments, while advancing their capabilities.
We also mentor, on a voluntary basis, people who start up an innovative business.

In everything we do, we strive to create work with impact for all. That’s the way we roll.

Pleased to meet you

The ABC of our values

  • Authenticity

    What we do and how we perform is characterised by fairness and trust.

  • Balance

    We aim for superior quality, both in immediate results and long-term impact.

  • Connection

    We develop people by bringing them together in a culture of sharing.

Meet the balancers

Get to know the Balance HR staff. Pleased to meet you:

Love a challenge?

Interested in joining our core team? It takes a special person. An HR freelancer with an enterprising spirit. Is that you? Check out our vacancies.

Meeting the needs of HR Professionals

Tapping into my experience within the world of HR, I started as an HR freelancer in 2009. Over the next five years, I managed to build a tight network of specialised HR professionals. First-hand, I learned about the needs of both candidates and clients. They inspired me to start offering clients my expertise – and that of my fellow freelancers.

In 2014, we decided to create a new movement that relies on endurable, community-driven solutions. At the core of this movement is a culture built around sharing and acting on evidence. It helps realise long-term progress rather than pursuing short-term goals.

That’s how Balance HR became the place for freelance HR jobs and for advice and development in evidence-based HR. As well as helping organisations, we actively contribute to societal initiatives.

Edward Vanhoutte

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For future HR entrepreneurs

#BetterWork Program, powered by Balance HR

Balance HR is a socially-engaged network of HR professionals. On a voluntary basis, we develop the vision and talents of future HR entrepreneurs who aim to make work more accessible and genuinely impactful.

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our partners


  • CEBMa

    The Center for Evidence-Based Management (CEBMa) is an independent, non-profit foundation and the leading authority on evidence-based management. CEBMa enhances our evidence-based approach to help our network make better decisions. We also organize learning initiatives together.

  • ScienceForWork

    ScienceForWork is an independent, non-profit foundation of evidence-based practitioners that provides trustworthy, freely accessible, insights from the science of organizations and people management. Together we are committed to the same goal: to make work better.

  • The Vigor Unit

    The VIGOR Unit is a R&D team and Ghent University spin-off focused on understanding, predicting and changing people's behavior at work. Their main goal is developing innovative tools to help businesses and organizations to bring out the best in their people. Given our partnership, our network benefits from their insights.


  • Ashoka

    Ashoka is a non-profit foundation that supports social entrepreneurs, learns from their innovations, and mobilizes a community that embraces these new frameworks for the good of society. Its mission? To make everyone a changemaker. Ashoka guides us and our network in our journey to social entrepreneurship.

  • BeCentral

    BeCentral is a digital campus located in Brussels Central Station. It’s a vibrant place to learn technologies, grow a startup and impact society. Its mission? To make everyone an actor of the digital revolution. BeCentral is not only our working spot, but also a place where we cross-pollinate with other residents. Always welcome.

  • YouthStart

    YouthStart is a non profit organisation that builds the self-confidence of opportunity-seeking young people and opens up opportunities for them to achieve their ambitions. A free training program provides them with the right skills and mindset to become entrepreneurs. Afterwards, the aspiring entrepreneurs can turn to a Balance HR mentor, to further develop their talents and vision.

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