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Flemish Brabant

2 Freelance Talent Acquisition Specialists (ref: 24043-FLB-MG)


  • Professional services sector
  • Highly innovative company culture, growing context


  • You manage recruitment & selection assignments from A to Z; from the preliminary intake meeting with the hiring manager to the signature of the contract. You focus on financial, tax, and┬álegal┬áprofiles.
  • You source candidates via different channels.
  • You follow up the influx of candidates.
  • You conduct selection interviews.
  • You introduce candidates to the hiring manager.
  • You keep your clients (candidates and hiring managers) informed during the process.


  • You have a relevant track record in talent acquisition.
  • You also have experience in candidate sourcing.
  • You easily connect with stakeholders.
  • You are fluent in Dutch or French, with a good knowledge of English.


  • Contract type: freelance
  • Work regime: 4 to 5 days per week
  • Location: North of Brussels / remote

  • Allowed file types: pdf, doc, docx / Max. file size: 5MB
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