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At Balance HR, we’re excited to launch our new website, designed to support HR professionals. But we didn't stop there. We also renewed our offer, to serve our network even better and to fulfil our mission: Better Work For All.

New website, new offer: this is Balance HR 2.0

At Balance HR, we’re excited to launch our new website, along with a new and improved offer to serve our network even better. Because that is what we aim for: Better Work For All.

Join us on this guided tour through our new platform, services and tools. And do let us know what you think.

We didn’t just want to revamp our website and branding and move on. We've put out heads together to improve our services and add new tools and value.

New website: designed to connect, share and grow

Balance HR is a collaborative collective of HR professionals, entrepreneurs and partners. Together, we took a critical look at our brand and everything that comes with it.

We started from our mission: Better Work For All. But what does that mean? It means that we are determined to create effective and impactful work, for organizations, their people and their environment.

From that mission, we described our character as a company. Connecting, sharing and helping others to grow are paramount in this regard. In the next phase, we designed a new visual identity and a new website – the one where you are right now. Have a look and judge for yourself.

New offer: how we serve our network even better

We didn’t just want to revamp our website and branding and move on. We've put out heads together to improve our services and add new tools and value. What's new?

1. Renewed service offering for HR professionals

  • Freelance and permanent staffing – In addition to temporary staffing, we now also help you fill in permanent roles in HR.
  • Advice – Our advice services are further optimized and focused on the implementation of evidence-based HR, supported by our HR Scientist and network of experts.
  • Development – We already organized open workshops. Now, we also offer custom workshops in HR, tailored to the needs of your organisation. Moreover, you can engage us for personal mentoring in HR. And last but not least, you’re welcome to attend our bi-monthly virtual coffees on evidence-based HR.

2. #BetterWork Program for aspiring entrepreneurs

  • With our #BetterWork Program, we mentor people who start up an innovative, digital business – and we do so on a voluntary basis . No matter their background. By participating, the mentees get free personal guidance over three months.
  • Interested in becoming a mentee, or a voluntary mentor?

3. Balancing digital tools with personal help

  • Behind the scenes, we’ve switched to powerful digital tools. Through smart technology, we match the right professionals with the open jobs even faster than before, and we digitize part of the project follow-up.
  • Our personal touch remains as prominent as ever, thanks to our collaborative and growing team. (*)

4. Valuable insights and enhanced communication

  • HR insights will be at your fingertips. Through weekly story-like blog posts and infographics, you’ll learn all about evidence-based HR topics, with an emphasis on their practical application.
  • Attractive e-books will strengthen your grasp of featured HR topics. And by subscribing to our newsletter, you'll be the first to hear about our newest workshops, jobs and practical scientific insights.
  • Of course, communication is not a one-way street. Do you wish to discuss evidence-based HR with us and broaden your network? Then you're welcome to join our online knowledge sharing platform.

That’s it!

Many thanks to graphic designer Dear Brand, web builder Three-Sixty, communications office Becoming and photographer Raf Michiels for their help with developing our brand, website and communication.

Do you want to have a chat? Feel free to contact us.

The Balancers

Axelle, Edward, Esther, Ilse, Iulia, Jonas, Marianne, Natalie

(*) Interested in being part of our core team? We are looking for an Associate Partner.

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