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How to develop our skills to improve the quality of people-related decision making? A report by Pietro Marenco, inspired by our course on Evidence-Based HR.

Evidence-Based HR: From the What and Why, to the How To

How can we improve people-related decision making?

Pietro Marenco, Editor and Director of our partner ScienceForWork, wrote a comprehensive blogpost about how we can improve the quality of people-related decision making and how can we develop our skills for this.

It encompasses a report of the first full-blown, 3-day training course on evidence-based HR. Balance HR organized the course, in partnership with CEBMa, Ghent University, The VIGOR Unit, ScienceForWork and WisKeys. The training focussed on skill-development for evidence-based practice in HR and was the first of its kind.

The course was facilitated by 4 world renowned experts: Prof. Denise Rousseau, Prof. Rob Briner, Prof. Frederik Anseel and Dr. Eric Barends.

Evidence-based HR is about a common responsibility to make work better - Denise Rousseau

Thank you Pietro for the article, and the partners, instructors and last but not least the participants to make this happen. Stay tuned for the following initiatives around evidence-based HR!

Read the blogpost here.

Pictures by Raf Michiels.

Edward Vanhoutte

Edward is the managing partner of Balance HR, and a fellow of CEBMa. He helps organizations in building great HR teams and in developing evidence-based HR practices. Besides HR, Edward has a special interest in graphics and in societal initiatives. "My professional mission is to make work better, especially for those who don't get the chances they deserve".

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