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Strong Teams

We all know the phrase: Teamwork makes the dream work. But what does it mean, and how do you build effective teams? Learn about it in our Morning Meetup.

About this event

Teamwork is essential to achieving success. Yes, right? When attracting and developing people, however, we often focus on individuals, ignoring that most work is done collaborating with others.

What makes a group of people a well-oiled, successful team, then? And how do you handle this?

We look at these questions from different angles. Expect, after an energizing breakfast, fascinating speakers who will share short but powerful presentations ("TEDx-style").


The ABCs of solid teams. Three lenses on teamwork.

  • 8:00 am - 8:50 am: Welcome and breakfast
  • 8:50 am - 9:00 am: Introduction, by Edward Vanhoutte (Balance HR)
  • 9:00 am - 9:25 am: Team's performance, by Silvia Brouwers (Matexi)
  • 9:25 am - 9:50 am: Team's engagement & data, by Mick Stallaert and Jan Houben (Arvesta)
  • 9:50 am - 10:20 am: Team's interests, by Prof. dr. Bart Wille (Ghent University)
  • 10:30 am: Coffee and tea

Moderator: Natalie Moriau (Balance HR)

The presentations will take place in Dutch.


The session is intended for HR and business leaders. Attendance will be limited to 35 people.

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