[ { "id": "19", "type": ["blog"], "title": "Evidence-based tips for supporting LGBTQ employees", "intro": "Evidence-based tips for supporting LGBTQ employees during the other 11 months of the year (and during Pride Month, too)", "image": "/uploads/inspiration/730x0/20210610.084039.60c1b3e7b6535.jpg", "domains": [ { "name": "Blogpost", "value": "Blogpost" } ], "download_link_apple": "", "download_link_playstore": "", "url": "/insights/evidence-based-tips-for-supporting-lgbtq-employees" } , { "id": "18", "type": ["blog"], "title": "Free slides: Starting with Evidence-Based Learning", "intro": "In this session, we zoomed in on evidence-based learning techniques and tools and how to apply them.", "image": "/uploads/inspiration/730x0/20210520.105937.60a624f99085e.png", "domains": [ { "name": "Learning & development", "value": "Learning&development" } ], "download_link_apple": "", "download_link_playstore": "", "url": "/insights/free-slides-starting-with-evidence-based-learning" } , { "id": "10", "type": ["blog"], "title": "The Evidence-Based HR Backpack", "intro": "In HR you shouldn’t just trust your gut feeling. Discover how Evidence-based HR improves your decision-making.", "image": "/uploads/inspiration/730x0/20201123.150652.5fbbc1fc2123f.png", "domains": [ { "name": "Evidence Based HR", "value": "EvidenceBasedHR" } , { "name": "Blogpost", "value": "Blogpost" } ], "download_link_apple": "", "download_link_playstore": "", "url": "/insights/the-evidence-based-hr-backpack" } , { "id": "6", "type": ["blog"], "title": "Evidence-Based HR: From the What and Why, to the How To", "intro": "How to develop our skills to improve the quality of people-related decision making? A report by Pietro Marenco, inspired by our course on Evidence-Based HR.", "image": "/uploads/inspiration/730x0/20200803.105913.5f27d1e1e9014.jpg", "domains": [ { "name": "Evidence Based HR", "value": "EvidenceBasedHR" } , { "name": "Blogpost", "value": "Blogpost" } ], "download_link_apple": "", "download_link_playstore": "", "url": "/insights/evidence-based-hr-from-the-what-and-why-to-the-how-to" } , { "id": "17", "type": ["blog"], "title": "Learn how to apply evidence and assess results in evidence-based HR", "intro": "HR evidence is only useful if it leads to action. And assessing how decisions work out creates new evidence. Discover how it works.", "image": "/uploads/inspiration/730x0/20201214.162145.5fd7830917007.jpg", "domains": [ { "name": "Evidence Based HR", "value": "EvidenceBasedHR" } , { "name": "Blogpost", "value": "Blogpost" } ], "download_link_apple": "", "download_link_playstore": "", "url": "/insights/learn-how-to-apply-evidence-and-assess-results-in-evidence-based-hr" } , { "id": "16", "type": ["blog"], "title": "When subjective evidence is good: stakeholders’ input in evidence-based HR", "intro": "Stakeholders’ perception of a problem and solution affect how these will work out, so discover how to use it in evidence-based HR decisions.", "image": "/uploads/inspiration/730x0/20201214.162127.5fd782f7334c0.jpg", "domains": [ { "name": "Evidence Based HR", "value": "EvidenceBasedHR" } , { "name": "Blogpost", "value": "Blogpost" } ], "download_link_apple": "", "download_link_playstore": "", "url": "/insights/when-subjective-evidence-is-good-stakeholders-input-in-evidence-based-hr" } , { "id": "15", "type": ["blog"], "title": "Why professional expertise matters in evidence-based HR and how to recognise it", "intro": "Professional expertise is one of the four sources of evidence in evidence-based HR, if it fulfils certain conditions that differentiate it from opinions.", "image": "/uploads/inspiration/730x0/20201214.162047.5fd782cf235b5.jpg", "domains": [ { "name": "Evidence Based HR", "value": "EvidenceBasedHR" } , { "name": "Blogpost", "value": "Blogpost" } ], "download_link_apple": "", "download_link_playstore": "", "url": "/insights/why-professional-expertise-matters-in-evidence-based-hr-and-how-to-recognise-it" } , { "id": "14", "type": ["blog"], "title": "People analytics: tapping into organisational HR data", "intro": "Your organisation has lots of valuable data, but how to find it and apply it? Here’s a logical model for your HR or people analytics.", "image": "/uploads/inspiration/730x0/20201214.161925.5fd7827d5c205.jpg", "domains": [ { "name": "Evidence Based HR", "value": "EvidenceBasedHR" } , { "name": "Blogpost", "value": "Blogpost" } ], "download_link_apple": "", "download_link_playstore": "", "url": "/insights/people-analytics-tapping-into-organisational-hr-data" } , { "id": "13", "type": ["blog"], "title": "Amazing research: how to find it and how to use it in HR", "intro": "Many good scientific studies exist that can inform HR decisions. If you find and use them, you’re likely to obtain the expected outcomes.", "image": "/uploads/inspiration/730x0/20201209.135225.5fd0c889acbab.jpg", "domains": [ { "name": "Evidence Based HR", "value": "EvidenceBasedHR" } , { "name": "Blogpost", "value": "Blogpost" } ], "download_link_apple": "", "download_link_playstore": "", "url": "/insights/amazing-research-how-to-find-it-and-how-to-use-it-in-hr" } , { "id": "9", "type": ["blog"], "title": "New website, new offer: this is Balance HR 2.0", "intro": "At Balance HR, we’re excited to launch our new website, designed to support HR professionals. But we didn't stop there. We also renewed our offer, to serve our network even better and to fulfil our mission: Better Work For All.", "image": "/uploads/inspiration/730x0/20200910.085444.5f59cdb4df351.jpg", "domains": [ { "name": "Blogpost", "value": "Blogpost" } ], "download_link_apple": "", "download_link_playstore": "", "url": "/insights/new-website-new-offer-this-is-balance-hr-20" } , { "id": "11", "type": ["blog"], "title": "Video by BeCentral on Balance HR and our partnership", "intro": "BeCentral made a short video about Balance HR and our partnership.", "image": "/uploads/inspiration/730x0/20201118.154803.5fb53423aa367.png", "domains": [ { "name": "Video", "value": "Video" } ], "download_link_apple": "", "download_link_playstore": "", "url": "/insights/video-by-becentral-on-balance-hr-and-our-partnership" } , { "id": "7", "type": ["blog"], "title": "Evidence for Trust at Work", "intro": "Evidence shows that trust is related with a range of benefits in the workplace, such as job performance. It takes effort and know-how to build trust, but it's likely rewarding.", "image": "/uploads/inspiration/730x0/20200803.105043.5f27cfe3dc809.jpg", "domains": [ { "name": "Learning & development", "value": "Learning&development" } , { "name": "Blogpost", "value": "Blogpost" } ], "download_link_apple": "", "download_link_playstore": "", "url": "/insights/evidence-for-trust-at-work" } , { "id": "8", "type": ["blog"], "title": "Leaders Lunch: Evidence at Work", "intro": "What can you do to get started with Evidence-Based HR? What can HR learn from other domains? Takeaways from our gathering in a jazz club, with Rob Briner, Eric Barends, Cédric Velghe and Philippe Vandekerckhove.", "image": "/uploads/inspiration/730x0/20200803.105504.5f27d0e8d7f37.jpg", "domains": [ { "name": "Evidence Based HR", "value": "EvidenceBasedHR" } , { "name": "Blogpost", "value": "Blogpost" } ], "download_link_apple": "", "download_link_playstore": "", "url": "/insights/leaders-lunch-evidence-at-work" } ]