Three Switching Services

Instead of offering on the shelf services, we start every assignment with a blank sheet of paper. Working as much as possible with the methodologies, tools, language and people of the client.

Depending on your needs, we switch from evidence-based consulting, to hands-on completing and coaching. In order to enable an endurable performance of the HR team.

1. Consulting

We advise HR & Business leaders, taking into account your specific context and challenges. Our objective is to support your organizational decision process and make your HR practice and people flourish, by using valid and reliable evidence.

Based on thorough analysis, we share our insights with your team and develop their HR skills, so they can independently take up the work after the project.

Because a well tuned team has the largest impact on business performance, we also concentrate on the HR team coherence. This way, the HR team ultimately succeeds in carrying out the HR policy in a valuable way.

2. Completing

We don't only advise, but also do hands-on operational work and implementations for you.

We ensure continuity during peak periods, for the realization of a project or to fill a gap when a key member from the HR team is missing. Because of their seniority and eagerness to (un)learn, our freelancers are operational starting from day one.

We support through our actions, and also ensure empowering and productivity of the HR team. When this is missing, our freelancer proactively intervenes in order to stimulate the performance level within the team.

3. Coaching

Coaching is the guiding thread found throughout our approach. With our coaching we ensure that what we deliver is also anchored in your organization, even after our job is done.

The development of HR teams and employees takes place in steps. As for the execution of the actual tasks, first we make sure that all professionals from the HR team want to implement the strategy; secondly we make sure that they can carry out the strategy and finally we focus on doing so. We go step by step, concentrating on behavior, competences, convictions, values and meaning.

Next to this onsite support, we help you to develop your HR skills via offsite and online activities. You'll find more info about this on the Development page.