04/12/2019: Morning Meetup: Learning at Work

We have great pleasure in inviting you to our Morning Meetup on 4 December 2019.

Between dream and reality: Learning with Jekyll & Hyde

What works in learning? What doesn't? Volumes of research has been done on the subject. 
And still the world of learning is too ready to jump on bandwagons. 

  • How can you underpin your learning activities?
  • Why should you embrace innovation in the learning you offer?
  • How can you strike a balance between science and relevant innovation?

The familiar and the extraordinary 
Messrs. Mathias Vermeulen and Matthias Nauwelaers will be transforming themselves into Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde to present you their illustrious case for optimized learning.  

On this particular pragmatic occasion, they would like to hear how you believe learning practices will evolve.

The Program:

  • 8:00 – 8:30: Welcome & breakfast
  • 8:30 – 8:40: Introduction by Edward Vanhoutte [Balance HR]
  • 8:40 – 9:40: ‘Learning: Between Dream and Reality’, Mathias Vermeulen [Winston Wolfe] and Matthias Nauwelaers [imec]
  • 9:40 – 10:00: Discussion

This session is limited to 25 people.

How to participate - in three simple steps

  1. Register using the online form.
  2. Receive our confirmation mail. You can now officially participate in our Morning Meetup. 
  3. Deposit an amount of your choice on the account of the non-profit organization YouthStart° - with or without tax certificate. You’ll find all details in your confirmation email.

° YouthStart's mission is to teach opportunity-seeking people entrepreneurial skills, offering them the possibilities to realize their ambitions. 

BeCentral is the place to be

  • BeCentral, Cantersteen 10, 1000 Brussels (located in Brussels Central Station)
  • Route and parking:

In case of cancellation less than 5 days before the event, we will kindly ask you to transfer 100 euro to the account of YouthStart.

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