Temporary support of your HR team by senior freelancers

We support your organization's critical HR projects or change processes. Through our integrated approach, including advice based on valid and reliable evidence, our partnership not only has direct effects but also impacts operations of your HR team afterwards.

A quick solution to your request

Because we specialize exclusively in the niche of senior HR freelancers, we have a good picture of the candidate market. We collaborate with freelancers who we know thoroughly. Screening candidates is done pro-actively and, in most cases, it has already happened before you contact us.

Qualitative freelancers who are immediately operational

Thanks to the expertise of our professionals, we offer you business continuity and immediate results. For this reason you can count on a professional who is operational starting from day one. If the freelancer is facing specific problems, (s)he can also immediately call upon the know-how of other freelancers within our sharing network.

Switching services for a lasting impact

Sometimes a temporary external resource is sufficient to catch up a temporary period or peak, but this does not always lead to a lasting solution. To avoid that the problem resurfaces later, we collaborate with your HR team in an integrated way and switch from consulting to execution and coaching when necessary. 

Staff consisting out of HR professionals 

The people in our staff are in the first place HR professionals themselves. They help you in the matching process and during the assignment, while doing projects themselves. This way they understand firsthand your needs and the ones of the freelancers.

One assignment. Seven steps.


We analyze your request and strategic business context.


We select freelancers from our community, based on their professional strengths and according to their personal capabilities and interests.


Once there is a match, we set up an agreement between you and Balance HR and between the freelancer and Balance HR. 


The freelancer establishes an action plan, illustrating how he or she will tackle the project.


During the assignment, there is a regular contact between you, the freelancer and Balance HR for monitoring the assignment progress.


You and our freelancer are welcome to participate in the gatherings and online activities with our network to enhance your personal development.


The emphasis is on a structural transfer and guidance of your HR team. Both the freelancer and the coach remain available after the project.

Are you looking for a strong personality, someone who not only delivers hands-on support to your team, but is simultaneously able to give advice and coach? Are you looking for an effective implementation of a critical mission? Is your aim continuity and a sustainable solution?

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