We match you to critical client HR assignments

We assist organizations in their ongoing or planned HR assignments or change processes. We temporarily help them frame their HR management, develop their HR talent and implement their strategy, through evidence-based consulting, execution and coaching.


The freedom of a freelancer, supported by a sharing HR community

We help you to be up and running fast on a new assignment. You can rely on the support of a tight network of professionals. The sharing of knowledge and experiences with other professionals of the network helps you to deliver optimal customer service.

An offer and framework that fits your profile

We focus exclusively on senior HR profiles, so you end up in an environment that is familiar with the needs of independent, executive HR professionals, both in terms of agreement and conditions, with regards to the type of assignments, coaching and development. 

Enhancing your professional capabilities

We help you in the deployment of your HR skills and your employability. You are welcome to join our gatherings, where academics and HR leaders go into dialogue with you, and to our (new) course on Evidence-Based HR Management. 

Staff consisting out of HR professionals 

The people in our staff are in the first place HR professionals themselves. They help you in the matching process and throughout your assignment, while doing projects themselves. This way, they understand firsthand your needs and the ones of the organization. 

One assignment. Seven steps.


We analyze your strengths, motivation and expectations through an interview, assessment and referrals.


We analyze if an assignment and the context of the client match with your professional expertise and personal preferences.


Once there is a match, we set up an agreement between you and Balance HR and between the organisation and Balance HR. 


After reaching an initial agreement with the client, you set up during the orientation phase a working plan for your project.


During the assignment, there is a regular contact between you, the client and Balance HR for monitoring the assignment progress.


You are welcome to participate in the gatherings and online activities with our network to enhance your personal development.


You guarantee the structural transfer to the client and his HR team. You remain available afterwards.

Did you take the step towards an independent status, after a career as an HR leader, consultant and/or coach? Do you wish to preserve your autonomy while looking for professional support from an experienced network? Are you open to share your knowledge and to broaden your own skills?

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