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Leaders Lunch: Trust at Work

In recent years there has been an explosion of interest in the concepts of autonomy, personalization and self-management at work. The result is a fundamental shift in the relationship between employer and employee. 

A common principle in this evolution towards less control is that it starts with trust. Trust is the basis of any relationship. Evidence shows that trust is related with a range of benefits in the workplace, such as job performance. It takes effort and know-how to build trust, but it's likely rewarding.

How can you build high-trust organizations? And how to integrate trust into your leadership- and HR practices? 

Prof. Dr. Denise Rousseau provided us an introduction into the scientific findings.

HR Leader David Ducheyne gave us practical insights on how to build trust at work.

Together with the participants we had an open discussion together on how you could incorporate trust concretely into your team meetings, career management, performance appraisals, etc.

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Pictures of the workshop

Pictures by Raf Michiels. Click on largest picture for right size.

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