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Workshop Reward & Motivation

Reward, take the discussions of the table.

Employers wish to reward employees for their efforts. However, a good remuneration policy is not an evident task. Organizations use it to achieve multiple goals. They want to motivate employees and tie them to the organization, reward successes, stimulate teamwork, guarantee quality, leverage innovation etc. Is all this possible with a sophisticated salary package?

Despite all ambitions to strategically reward employees for their efforts, the annual raise or the mere absence of such a raise mainly seems to cause tension. Now that the annual appraisal system is increasingly under pressure, HR-managers are looking for alternative approaches for performance-based remuneration policies. At the same time, one often has the impression that predictable wage scales stand in the way of change.

Based on recent, scientific research and projects with diverse clients, we’ll offer you in a workshop recent findings and solutions for an effective remuneration policy. Within our vision, we avoid the annual pay raise to each time again demand all attention and cause problems even though that’s not necessary. We explain you how remuneration policies can enhance employee motivation, how you can avoid recurring frustrations and time-consuming discussions by a transparent, predictable and fair system, how you can differentiate between employees performing according to expectations and employees who make an exceptional contribution to the organization.

You are welcome to discover all about it during the workshop, on 5 December. What will you learn? After this session, you’ll know (almost) everything about the sense and nonsense of payfor-performance, merit pay, bonuses, new remuneration strategies, … 

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