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Workshop Performance Management

Back to the essence of Performance Management

Whilst being far from an easy challenge, it is essential for an organization to manage the performance of its people. Meanwhile, in recent press and social media coverage we have repeatedly been reading how organizations give up on their yearly performance appraisals. Yet, a peek at reality shows an evolution, not a revolution. Organizations are questioning their current approaches and are adapting them reluctantly.

For more than a decade now, scholars have been pleading to abolish the yearly ritual of ratings and performance reviews. “They lead to resentment, time-consuming administration, and fail to motivate employees,” says Frederik Anseel, Professor of Organisational Behaviour at King’s Business School and co-founder of The VIGOR Unit.

But, what is the alternative? Based on recent, scientific research, projects with different customers and experiences, our partner The VIGOR Unit made a blueprint on how to tackle employee performance management. An approach aimed at the future (e.g. feedforward), cultivating the strengths of employees, and that has its roots in proven motivational- and learning processes.

Our very first HR Community workshop on this topic was facilitated by Cédric Velghe, Managing Director of The VIGOR Unit. An exclusive session for the clients and freelancers of the Balance HR network. We learnt novel and actionable insights on how to leverage employee performance. 

"Making progress against goals" was highlighted as the most important principle to motivate people. The participants gained knowledge of techniques such as Objectives & Key Results, progress checks, after-event reviews and feedforward interviews. We also learned, based on recent scientific insights, why these techniques are effective.

"How do you connect these performance management techniques, with an effective reward policy"? was a common question afterwards? This will be the topic of our next workshop, on 5 December. The session takes place in our office, BeCentral, just above Central Station Brussels. Check our Development page for more info and registrations.

Thank you Cédric and all participants for the progress.


Pictures of the workshop

Pictures by Alexandra Bertels. Click on largest picture for right size.

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