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Professor Rob Briner voted 'Most Influential HR Thinker'

This post is based on publications by HR Magazine.

Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Rob Briner, who was elected yesterday by the British HR Magazine as 'Most Influential HR Thinker'. 

As a professor at the University of Bath School of Management, Rob Briner is particularly interested in the reciprocal relationships between work conditions, psychological wellbeing and behaviors.

He is involved in several initiatives around evidence-based management, including the Center for Evidence-Based Management (CEBMa), which seek to identify ways of increasing the use of evidence of various kinds in management practice.

We are truly grateful that professor Briner was the keynote on our last Leaders Lunch in Brussels. Together with Eric Barends, managing director of CEBMa, he gave us an animated presentation on how to get started with evidence-based HR.

Links to some of his columns in HR Magazine:

Further recommended reading:


Stay tuned on Twitter via @Rob_Briner.

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