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Marjolaine Gailly joins Balance HR as Managing Partner

Since September 1st, Marjolaine Gailly has joined Balance HR as Managing Partner. Balance HR is the sharing network of HR Partners, bundling forces to help each other, organizations and society grow. With her knowledge and experience in HR, Marjolaine will contribute to the future development of Balance HR, together with Edward Vanhoutte, also Managing Partner.

Marjolaine can rely on a strong HR background built both within consultancy firms Intys HR and Hudson and in internal HR roles at Electrabel, GDF Suez (now ENGIE) and UCB. She is also, since a couple of years, the driving force behind some informal events, like Hrmeetup. Since the end of 2014, she has started to work on HR projects for Touring and IBA, as freelance HR consultant.

Balance HR was created in 2009 by Edward Vanhoutte, who is also a freelance HR consultant, and has grown to become a strong network of HR professionals, mainly working on a freelance basis. This sharing network brings support to organizations in critical HR and change projects, with an integrated approach of coaching, evidence-based consulting and implementation.

Sharing being a central notion within Balance HR, there are regular exchange moments organized, together with consultants, clients and academic partners, like the “Leaders Lunches”. Besides networking, Balance HR also aims herewith to reinforce the connection between organizations and the academic world. 

Marjolaine: “I’m very excited by this new challenge. The potential of such a qualitative network based on sharing is huge according to me. Strengthening our network will allow us to help our clients become stronger. We are also planning on investing more in societal initiatives, together with our consultants and clients. This is a beautiful opportunity to combine my 3 passions: HR, entrepreneurship, and societal impact."

Edward: “Within Balance HR we focus on the power of collaboration. Strong together is our motto. Marjolaine perfectly represents this philosophy. Beyond sharing the same values, Marjolaine brings in a complementary network of professionals. This way we will be able to join forces and realize larger assignments, both for enterprises as for societal projects. I'm looking forward to this new partnership!" 

For more info:

• Marjolaine Gailly, marjolaine@balancehr.be, +32 473 39 89 90

• Edward Vanhoutte, edward@balancehr.be, +32 474 98 45 34

• Twitter: @balance_hr