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Leaders Lunch: Soul at Work

Meaning and purpose

The soul of work is about work that people find meaningful and believe is serving a higher purpose. During this event we zoomed in on why it's relevant and on how it can be practically implemented. In big and smaller organizations.

An initiative by HRMagazine & Balance HR. All benefits go to YouthStart, a social profit organization giving training and coaching in entrepreneurship to underprivileged youth.


1) Monique Valcour (U.S.), Prof. Dr. at EDHEC Business School (Nice, France):

“Emphasizing the individual identity has a (much) stronger effect on customer satisfaction, engagement and retention than organizational identity. HR should embrace the I”. See presentation (pdf)

2) Erik Van den Branden, HR Director at PwC Belgium:

“Boundaries between business and social issues are blurring. We cultivate purpose explicitly, to attract and engage a workforce highly aware of these issues.” See presentation (pdf)

3) Philippe Bailleur, Organization Coach at Living Systems Coaching:

“If the whole is not in good shape, a part of it can’t be healthy. You can’t integrate soul just partially. It’s touching all aspects of your company. A fool with a tool is still a fool”.  See presentation (pdf)

4) Ilse Jansoone, Chief Networking Officer at Wijs (digital agency):

Ilse presented us the vision of Wijs on meaningful work and the building blocks on which their company culture is based. Plus 7 "guerilla tips" for HR. See presentation (pdf)

Many thanks to our presenter Els Aelbrecht (Consultea), our host Dirk De Clippeleir (Ancienne Belgique) and to all attendees for this fourth edition!

On June 18th Canvas will broadcast a part of this event in their program Panorama. Keep you posted about next sessions on our events page.

Soulful regards,

Edward Vanhoutte, Balance HR

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