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Leaders Lunch: Dialogue at Work

Words create worlds

"We move in the direction of what we most interact about. Words create worlds." ~ Prof. Dr. Ron Fry

Last December we assembled together with a group of HR Leaders, around the central question of how dialogue can foster true change. An iniative by HRMagazine & Balance HR. Also to be followed on Twitter via #HRLL.


- Prof. Dr. Ron Fry (Case Western Reserve University, U.S.), co-creator of the Appreciative Inquiry methodology. His founding work is creating a positive (r)evolution in people- and organizational development around the globe. Click here for his presentation.

- Jessica Bastiaenssens and Luc Goemaere (Sustainable Future Team, UZ Gent). Jessica and Luc told us the story of how UZ Gent is actively stimulating strengths and involvement. Through dialogue. Click here for the presentation.

"Within the hospital, we wish to spread an epidemic of caring." ~ Jessica Bastiaenssens

"Working on culture is like building a bridge while walking on it." ~ Luc Goemaere

Going beyond positivity

So, how do we realize true change? Change in which busy people shift from not wanting any additional work, to volunteering to take up extra work for change initiatives? According to Ron, true change comes from dialogue which is not just positive, but generative.

"What's this?", I heard many people in the audience think. Generativity is about connections that generate new ideas and actions. By creating an appealing image of the preferred future. Based on stimulating stories of the past, including successes and setbacks, and built on strengths. You'll find more on generativity in this article by Gervase Bush.

Many thanks to Els Aelbrecht (Consultea), Prof. Dr. Emeritus René Bouwen (KULeuven), Luc Verheijen (Kessels & Smit), Evie Maesen & Helga De Keyzer (UZ Gent), Frédéric Williquet (fredericw.com) and to all attendees for this energizing edition!

Keen on joining us next time? Check out our events page.

Warm regards,

Edward Vanhoutte, Balance HR

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