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Leaders Lunch: Flexibility at Work

Evidence and Practice Based


On February 20th, HR Magazine & Balance HR organized the kick-off of the Leaders Lunch. The first of a series, combining research by an academic speaker with a practical case by an HR Leader and participant insights.

Place to be was the new campus of Vlerick Business School in Brussels.

Future HR: Firm or Flexible?

Within HR, we notice a growing demand for data analytics and streamlined processes and systems. On the other hand, there is a tendency towards more trust and autonomy for the employees in order to shape more personalized, motivating and meaningful jobs.

As an HR Leader, how do you realize this growing paradox between control and freedom? What is the right balance for your organization and its employees?

Prof. Dr. Frederik Anseel (Ghent University) shared his vision with us, followed by an authentic testimonial from Sylvie Van den Eynde (SVP HR & Organizational Development, Delhaize Group).

"Firm where necessary, flexible where possible", was the guiding thread. With a customized approach, depending on the context.

Presentation, pictures & visual harvesting

- Presentation: The HR Leader of the Future

- Pictures & visual summary: see below

Many thanks to all 50 participants, with a special mention for our moderator Els Aelbrecht and sketch artist Frédéric Williquet.

Warm regards,

Edward Vanhoutte

PS. click on largest picture for full scale.

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