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My Balance HR assignment at The Europe Hospitals - by Joëlle Dekeyser


My name is Joëlle Dekeyser. After having worked for over 10 years as an employee in HR consulting, I decided a year ago to take the step towards independency. So far, my agenda is fully booked. It is striking that most of my projects came through other freelancers, who I know and trust. There is a strong, inspiring team spirit and solidarity within the freelancers’ community.

title=""/Joëlle Dekeyser, Freelance HR Consultant

Collaboration with Balance HR

Just like my last project, via Edward Vanhoutte and the Balance HR network. I know Edward since several years. We used to work on multiple projects together. When he contacted me with an assignment, I was confident it would be a challenging one. And it did indeed not disappoint me. Personally, I fully believe in the concept he launched with Balance HR. A tight network of freelancers, sharing their expertise, ideas and leads with each other.

Client with renewed strategy

The Europe Hospitals was the Balance HR client I worked for, in tandem with Edward. They are the largest private hospital group in Brussels, employing about 300 medical doctors and 2.000 staff members spread over two sites (St-Elisabeth in Uccle and St-Michel in Etterbeek).

The Europe Hospitals position themselves as "game changer" within the healthcare sector. The aim is to be this as well within HR. Goal of the project was to streamline talent management with the renewed overall strategy and their new values.

Consulting, together with hands-on completing

First step was the development of a job and competency framework, in line with the new vision and values. We integrated the function and competency catalogue with other HR domains, such as selection and development. For all deliverables, our motto was "KISSS": Keep It Short, Simple and Sexy.

- Short and Simple: The job descriptions remained highly generic, in order to guarantee as much flexibility and personalization as possible. 

- Sexy: We paid extra attention to the look and feel of all documents, in order to make them as inviting and user friendly as possible.

In this part of the project, we mainly acted as consultant with a customized approach and also fulfilled the hands-on completion ourselves.

Coaching strengths

In parallel with a focus on competencies, we introduced a talent approach. Whereas competency management is structured more top-down, from the point of view of the organization, a talent approach starts bottom-up with the strengths and passions of the employees. To align the organizational strategy with the strengths of its staff, we set up multiple workshops and open conversations. Both with the Management Team and with employees, in close collaboration with HR. During these sessions we combined the attention to both the organization’s perspective and that of the people. 

In this part of the project, we acted as coach and facilitator, to anchor the new direction into the hospital.

Creation of motivating, meaningful and productive jobs

Of course, the described change process was not easy. It never is. No shine without friction. But together with our client, we paved the way towards motivating, meaningful and productive jobs. An endurable and positive approach.

During the assignment I was personally coached and all practical arrangements by Balance HR were as you might expect from a professional organization.

Thank you and looking forward to our next collaboration!


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A big thank you Joëlle for the great project and collaboration!

Edward Vanhoutte on December 21, 2013 at 07:37

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